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General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery at Bharti Hospital offers surgical procedures targeted at the liver, colon, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, and other significant human body organs. Appendix, gallbladder, colonoscopies, thyroidectomies, hernia, and bariatric operations are a few of the popular procedures. The Department also provides effective therapy for patients with disorders of the breast, hernia, soft tissues, skin, and skin-related damage. At Bharti Hospital, the Department of general surgery offers cutting-edge surgical procedures like minimal access surgery to its patients. Utilizing such cutting-edge methods aids in a patient's quick recovery with the least amount of tissue damage, blood loss, and danger of infection and, thus, the least amount of pain and suffering.

Board-certified surgeons at Bharti Hospital'sHospital's Department of General Surgery offer diagnosis and care for the complete spectrum of general surgery disorders.